How to Become a Card Sharp

What do you think of when you hear the words “Card Sharp / Shark?” A master at playing poker? An old man with a green sun visor and glasses? You’d be surprised to know that a card sharp is way beyond what you would have anticipated.
First of all, a card sharp is a person who feeds on weaker card players for money. (Most of the time cheats.) A card sharp has masterful skills in reading people’s reactions, body language, slight of hand, and of course dealing “false cuts.”

So how does one become a cardsharp? Dealing with your deck of cards is a must. Get use to the numbers and face cards. One must master the skill of ratio also. Paying close attention to ones movements and eye contact. A cardsharp knows what a players move or sudden sigh could mean, and he feeds on their weakness. Cardsharps have a strong sense of understanding human reactions, and even tho deceitful, cardsharps are masters at a hand of poker.

Everyday we are faced with decisions that effect us the rest of our lives. Today you’re successful, winning every hand of poker you sit down at a table to play, you have to ask yourself this one question, and keep it in mind the next time you are provoked to getting into the “cardsharp” lifestyle; Is it worth going to jail? Although cardsharps are highly skilled at reading people, that isn’t all that they do. They are also somewhat “magicians” at dealing cards. They have a “slight of hand” they use to make them have the upper hand. For example, if a cardsharp is a dealer at a casino, and he “fixes” the cards to go into his favor, and is caught doing so, he can be turned into the authorities.

The master of poker is a lie. Although being a cardsharp is a job in itself, it isn’t worth the possible outcome. Who wants to go through life cheating at everything they do and say? Cardsharps are skilled at what they do, there’s no question in that theory, but what one has to understand is that, it isn’t worth the possible outcome of jail time, and not to mention reputation that a person may receive by becoming a card sharp. So in the end remember these words, keep your eye out on these “master’s” as they call themselves, of situs idn poker. You never know if they’ll be watching your every move in your next game!

How to Become a Card Sharp